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Gift Cards & Loyalty Program

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Rise is the leading Gift Card and Store Credit solution for eCommerce, helping brands launch advanced online customer experiences. 

Our platform offers solutions for Gift Card sales, Store Credit management, Rewards, Referrals, and Refunds - that inspire customer loyalty and increase retention.

Rise’s services help brands with high-quality customer acquisition to launch advanced rewards programs that inspire customer loyalty and increase retention. and Loop

Rise with Loop Returns integration:

Using the Loop and integration you can use store credit refunds as part of your returns process. This will lead more customers to exchange a product than request a refund. 

Benefits of the integration:

  • All store credit received through refunds accumulates into the loyalty card together with gift cards and rewards.
  • Offer incentives to customers who are looking to refund a product – give them an extra incentive to shop at your store again.
  • Track all store credit requests on a single gift card code.