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Turn your help center into a profit center with Gorgias!

About Gorgias

Gorgias is the #1 customer support helpdesk specially designed for Shopify e-commerce DTC stores.

Gorgias aggregates all of your customer communication channels into one place (Email, SMS, Chat, Instagram etc) and helps you:

- Decrease resolution times & automate up to 33% of CS operations

- Maximize conversion from your Shopify store

- Increase team efficiency & customer retention

- Save on support costs

Special offer:

Gorgias offers Loop merchants their 2nd and 3rd months free!!

Gorgias and Loop

With Gorgias and Loop working together, you can create a seamless support experience by placing all returns data inside your Gorgias admin. Stay focused and close tickets faster by viewing refund status, shipping status, return reasons, and more in the same window you use to talk to customers. You can also navigate directly to your Loop return portal directly from Gorgias for faster processing.

With Gorgias and Loop you can

- Give customers a self-service returns experience

- View return details without switching tools

- Use return reasons to level-up chat conversations


  • Loop Widget inside of Gorgias