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About Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that gives your online brand direct ownership of your consumer data and interactions, empowering you to turn transactions with customers into productive long-term relationships—at scale.

Klaviyo and Loop

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing the shopping journey ends with returns. However, returns are the first step in extending your customer’s experience. When done well, you can retain revenue, increase sales, and earn brand loyalty. Enter emails and texts.

By integrating Klaviyo with Loop, you can automatically update customer profiles with returns behavior, send return notifications, and trigger flows based on returns related events. The opportunities to create a bespoke experience for each customer are endless.

Use cases

  • Win back customers who've refunded for sizing related reasons

    Set up a flow flow that will trigger when a customer returns for a Refund and their Return Reason is a sizing or styling related issue such as Item didn’t fit, Item was too big, or Item was too small.

  • Remind Customers That Have Outstanding Store Credit

    Provide customers who’ve returned for a store credit suggestions on what to buy and push them to use their credit sooner rather than later.

  • Improve Loop’s Transactional Notifications By Sending In Klaviyo

    -Out Of Stock exchange notice -SMS reminder to customers whose returns are expiring

  • Layer Returns Data On Top Of Existing Klaviyo Flows

    Create blocks to add to existing email flows in order to educate potential customers about a merchant’s return policy. If customers are reluctant to make a purchase, the reassurance of a flexible and risk-free returns policy may push customers toward their purchase decision.